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Sept 14
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13:20 13:55

Retail CRM Marketing Transformation at Canada’s Largest Retailer

In this session we will review the transformative work that has lead to a CRM marketing evolution at Walmart Canada. From navigating the transformative effects of COVID-19 on the retail space then scaling to maintain and improve the digital customer experience that was accelerated as a result we will take a look at success and challenges that the past 18 months have driven.

Session takeaways:
– What works to engage customers in an increasingly accelerated environment of digital adoption
– How do these learning’s apply more generally beyond retail
– What are the key programs that drive increased customer engagement

Dan Murphy
Other Speakers TBA
14:00 14:35

Thinking outside the (in)box

To increase engagement, your subscribers expect greater levels of personalization. So how do you scale 1:1 personalization?

In this session, you’ll gain an end-to-end perspective on how to leverage diverse set of data and external tools that will allow you to better understand your subscribers and how to scale 1:1 personalization to increase engagement.

Sessions takeaways:
– Understand the diversity of data required for personalization.
– How to manage large set of data to make it actionable.
– Learn what your subscribers are doing after they leave your email.

Minh Tran
14:40 15:15

Engagement is the currency of Email Marketing

At its most basic form, Subscriber engagement is the currency of Email Marketing. The historic engagement of your subscribers determines whether or not your emails are inboxed, opened and clicked. How do you drive that historic engagement data, if you don’t already have it? We will review how to use engagement data to drive the following:
· IP Warming/Reputation
· Relevant subject lines and offers
· List hygiene
· Look-alike datas
· Frequency modeling

Session Takeaways:

Users will understand how the engagement of their email list impacts all aspects of their email marketing and how to use that to impact outcome.

Paul Shriner

Other Speakers TBA

15:20 15:55

Rise Above the Clutter – Getting Your Brand to Standout in the Inbox

The inboxes of your customers are fast becoming virtual battlegrounds where we fight for opens, clicks and ultimately attention against other brands.

You can boost your chances of getting noticed, and lifting deliverability rates by 10%, by combining the power of good email security with the visual impact of a recognizable logo in every inbox.

BIMI. Brand Indicators for Message Identification: This new industry standard, protocol, enables you to display your recognizable brand logos adjacent to email messages to boost open rates by an average of 10%. One of the most important factors in the decision to open an email is if it comes from a recognized, trusted brand.

In this session we’ll take you through what BIMI is, the positive impact it has on your overall email marketing strategy and how you can roll it out in your organization today.

Session takeaways:
– What is BIMI?
– How it impacts email deliverability and open rates
– How to deploy BIMI in your organization

Chuck Swenberg
Other Speakers TBA
16:00 16:35

Up Your Email Marketing Metrics Game!

Join us for fun with email marketing metrics! Test your knowledge in this ‘lightning round’ session covering the most commonly asked, as well as the rarely considered but important to ask, email marketing metrics questions related to deliverability, performance, profitability, and other goals! Bring your questions as well — we’ll have time at the end to handle them.

This session will be based on information in this article: https://www.onlyinfluencers.com/email-marketing-blog-posts/best-practice-email-strategy/entry/a-quick-and-easy-roadmap-for-using-analytics-in-email-marketing as well as from the Only Influencers Metrics Project microsite (launching in April 2021).

Session takeaways:
– How to differentiate between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive metrics/analytics
– How to determine which of your metrics should be your key performance indicator (KPI)
– How to calculate and leverage advanced metrics like reach rates
– Which metrics are most important to your email deliverability
– How to love (or at least get excited about) metrics even if you don’t like numbers and spreadsheets

Jeanne Jennings
Ada Barlatt

Sept 15
13:20 15:55

This Really Isn’t About You: How to Boost Email Engagement by Focusing on the Audience Experience

An all-too common problem for email marketers is making everything about us. While we’re busy chasing KPIs and explaining why our products are the best, we often forget that great marketing is all about being genuinely helpful to our audience. Serving their needs, not our own.

By changing the narrative — making the emails you send all about the recipient — you can boost engagement with your emails, improving deliverability and driving greater brand awareness and loyalty, all at the same time. That’s what I call an email love story.

My session aims to provide attendees with ways to organically increase recipient engagement by implementing an experience-focused approach that puts their email audience’s interests and needs at the center of their email marketing strategy.

Session takeaways:
– How mailbox providers define engagement.
– What email metrics and data points senders should monitor to better understand your email audience, detect deliverability issues, and improve the recipient experience.
– Strategies that can be implemented quickly to increase recipient engagement, as well as more involved tactics.

Lauren Meyer
Other Speakers TBA
14:00 14:35 ISP Panel To be announced
14:40 14:15

Apple’s iOS15 impact on digital marketing

Apple’s privacy announcements regarding email open tracking has stirred up a bees nest of activity in the Email Industry. Image caching and the future or open rates reliability is hanging in the balance. Join our panel of experts to discuss the implications and the way forward for your brand.

Session Takeaways:

 – How to adapt your metrics
– What is expected to occur with iOS15

Garin Hobbs
Megan Boshuyzen Scott Cohen
Stephanie Griffith

15:20 15:55

“You Want Me to What?”: How the CPPA Will Affect Marketers

Canada is updating PIPEDA – our long-standing privacy law, adding strong enforcement and several changes that affect how a marketer collects, uses, stores, shares and deletes personal data. Join Derek Lackey, CIPM as he leads this panel of privacy experts to explore the potential impacts for marketers

Session takeaways:
– a high level understanding of the changes in PIPEDA
– what changes need to be made regarding specific practices
– will the new privacy law affect email marketing?
– how long do I have to make these changes?

Derek Lackey
Other Speakers TBA
16:00 16:35 CRTC 2021 update To be announced


* Sessions are subject to change.