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2022 Canadian Email Summit

Canada’s Changing Privacy Landscape

If your organization operates across Canada, and uses any personal information in the course of doing business, consumers expectations have changed significantly over the past 2 years. And Quebec’s new Bill 64 has significant new legal obligations. This very “GDPR-like” law changes the Canadian privacy landscape and impacts organizations of all shapes and sizes, across almost all sectors. Join Alison Cross, VP Marketing & Communications for the Ontario SPCA and Derek Lackey, CIPM, Managing Director, Newport Thomson as they outline the changing consumer expectations as well as the key obligations about to come into force this September (2022)

Derek Lackey (Newport Thomson) & Alison Cross (Ontario SPCA)

Managing your own B2B Deliverability

B2B email is complicates and understanding hot to build an email program and utilize email journeys to optimize performance, maximize deliverability, and minimize the chances of deliverability-related issues is a complicated process. This impacts how you approach both delivery and deliverability management in the B2B space.

Bob Sybydlo (ENVERTAdigital)

Emails rock even if the market offers you blues

So, you’ve been tasked with growing revenue, but external and internal challenges are making it hard to bring in new donors. What do you do? This doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom — instead look for opportunity among your loyal supporters. Children Believe had a challenge as we launched our new brand just a few months before the pandemic hit. Our vendors could not attract new donors in malls or by knocking on doors. Instead, we focused on building our brand recognition, voice and process to grow our email program. In the end, we grew email sales and increased our average basket size to between $100 and $200 — an amount we never thought possible in the digital, non-profit world. Find out how you can do the same.

Aki Temiseva (Children Believe)

Developing a scalable A/B testing strategy

Developing a scalable A/B testing strategy. A/B testing is one of the joys of marketing. It allows you to create a hypothesis, action out a plan, and give yourself a pat on the back when your personal favourite wins. But beyond just testing emoji’s in a subject line, marketers have an opportunity to create a strategy that will allow them to test, action from result, and scale their email program based on findings when using the correct approach. Through this talk, Naomi will guide through three examples of how she scaled one-off campaign strategy using A/B testing, increased email acquisition conversion by testing various email popup form copy, and A/B tests automations to find the right approach to nurturing her subscribers.

Naomi West (Parcel, Customer.io)

Email Triggers and Journeys: Creating memorable touch-points with customers

In today’s day and age where customers are bombarded with content, how to identify and tap into the right triggers and create effective CRM journeys so that your communication can break through. Creating memorable CRM touch-points require a few things, including:

  • Strategy & objectives for different CRM journeys
  • Identifying key touch-points and triggers
  • Creatives play a critical role

Jing Zhao (Pet Valu)

Adapting journeys for Apple’s MPP update

Suggestions on how to infer action or intention when the conversion funnel isn’t a clear-cut digital funnel

Scott Burdsall (FCB Health)

Process improvements to help your CRM Grow

Process improvements can always be made —whether you’re building a new CRM program, joining an existing one, or finding yourself bogged down in the daily routine of a program that you’ve used for years. But how do you pinpoint the CRM processes that need review? And how do you prioritize the need-to-haves versus the nice-to-haves? In this session, Associate Manager of Retention Marketing at DoorDash, Phil Hill, will dig into exactly what you need to improve efficiency and decrease service-level agreements (SLAs). Discover tips and tricks for making smart process adjustments that increase or maintain your program’s output quality.

Phil Hill (Door Dash)

The new norm for email – an approach that secures your emails and protects your brand

As this group knows, email continues to be the most popular and relied upon channel that brands use to communicate with their customers. Protecting the integrity of those emails is top of mind for many marketers, and accelerating the adoption of BIMI can help you securely connect, communicate, and engage with their customers.

Join Red Sift and Tallyfy to discuss how BIMI and DMARC help elevate your overall email strategy while improving your email security posture. Learn more about these standards and the steps you can take today to prevent damaging spoofing and phishing attacks that can impact your brand reputation, while at the same time ensuring enhanced brand visibility.

Brian Westnedge (RedSift) & Amit Kothari (Tallyfy)

A deep dive into bounces and what they tell you

When we are trying to determine the success of our campaigns, we often focus on open rates, click rates & any conversion metrics. On the other hand when we look at our bounces we tend to focus on keeping the number low. Bounces though can you give so much insight to what is happening and they can say a lot about your sending practices. Join us as we dive into the value of closely monitoring the bounce types your email marketing generates.

Yanna-Torry Aspraki (Email Consul)

Deliverability: AMA

Ask us anything a session of Deliverability experts takes questions from the Audience.

Alison Gootee (Braze) & Justin Frechette (iContact) & Varun Srinivas (Maropost) & Matthew Vernhout (Email Summit/Netcore Cloud)

CRTC CCEO Fireside Chat

A fireside chat with the CCEO of the CRTC. Covering the CRTC’s approach to CASL Enforcement case selection, recent enforcement actions, complaints received from Canadians, and compliance tips for businesses. This discussion will also cover your obligations as a responsible marketer sending email within Canada including:

  • Consent, unsubscribe, and identification requirements
  • Record keeping
  • Liability and due diligence for mailers

Steven Harroun (CRTC) & Matthew Vernhout (Email Summit/Netcore Cloud)

Optimizing the Inbox Experience: How to Boost Engagement

Yahoo is focused on the consumer experience, and is investing in technologies supporting the connection between brands and email subscribers. Join Lauren Meyer (CMO, SocketLabs) and Clea Moore (Product, Yahoo Mail) for a “fireside” chat about how to move beyond basic best practices to stay relevant in the inbox, and increase engagement with subscribers.

Clea Moore (Yahoo) & Lauren Meyer (SocketLabs)