Why attend the Canadian Email Summit?

Why attend the Canadian Email Summit?

The Canadian email community hasn’t really had a place of their own that is where the Canadian email summit steps in. Sure we’ve had meetups (which are amazing, you should totally come to them by the way), and the occasional marketing conference with maybe one or two sessions on email packed into their schedule. But what we’ve really been lacking is an all day email focused event for the Canadian email marketing community.

We envision the Canadian email summit as a place to network with others that spend their days trying to figure out what that bounce code means, or how to get the latest email to work with Gmail annotations, and really understand what acronyms like ROI, CTO, CASL, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, or BIMI (wow we have a lot of acronyms and this is just a short list) really mean. By launching the first Canadian email summit this is a void we hope to fill. A full day of email experts talking about privacy, automation, strategy, deliverability and the challenges we will face as a community in the future.

If your daily routine around the office includes coding, designing, building emails, analyzing result, strategy planning, sending, or worrying about the privacy laws in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, or the rest of Canada then this is the conference for you.

The death of email has been prophesied for years, but each and every year email continues to be the number one ROI performing channel in the marketing quiver. This just shows that email is alive and well, and will be for years to come.

We hope you’ll join us for our inaugural event. Be sure to check our schedule and speakers list.